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The Man With The Green Eyes


He stood in front of me, his eyes a beautiful shade of emerald green. Staring at me as though he was willing for it to stop. Neither of us wanted this but we had no choice. My heart started to beat faster than ever before, my hands starting to sweat. It was a feeling that scared me more than I had ever known.

I knew this would happen the moment I woke this morning to the sound of birds singing and the rising of the sun. Everything felt the same then, same sunrise, same birds singing. For a moment when I opened my eyes and listened to the new sounds of the day I smiled . But this day was different, today I would be at war. A war that I did not agree with but nonetheless I was standing there. Ready to fight once again.

So with my sword held high above my head I let out a scream as I rushed towards the man with the beautiful green eyes.


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