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How to get your creative juices flowing

You’ve sat down with your laptop or maybe your writing pen and paper, plus you have your favourite drink on hand so you don’t have to get up, and you are set to start writing. Then nothing, blank. All the ideas you had running around your head only hours earlier have disapeared into another dimension, vanished through some type of black hole.

Now that might seem like some crazy idea, but that is how it can feel when your mind is blank with no ideas to fill your pages.

Firstly check the time. Is their a time in the day where you feel more creative? For me I get my best ideas in the morning. Everyone is still asleep so the whole house is quiet, and my mind has had a chance to rest.

Now mornings might not be your best time, maybe its in the middle of the day or evening when you get back from work. But whichever time you find best to get your creative juices flowing use it.

Now, I know sometimes you can’t decide when you write, their are times when you have to work late or your children need you for something and that can’t be helped. But you may have a dead line to finish and you need to get that last chapter finished. My advice to you is to just write that first word.

Yes, that may sound strange if you don’t know what to write, but that first word will soon become a first sentence, then a first paragraph and soon you will have a whole chapter. By “forcing” yourself to write that first word the creative juices in your brain start to jump start and your creativity will get to work.

If you have been stuck indoors all day why not try getting out for some fresh air and go for a walk. If that’s not your thing do an activity you enjoy that is not writing. Take a notebook and pen or use your phone to take notes and write them down whenever an idea hits you.

I find quite often doing something completely different gets other parts of my brain going.

What do you do to get your creative juices going? Comment down below and let me know.

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